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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Calling the Leaders

Americans are not illiterate. We can read newspapers, and we can use logic to reach certain conclusions based upon evidence and anecdote. I must wonder what thoughts course along the neural pathways inside the brains of men like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and a host of others who have attained the highest levels of authority in our nation. One must have a modicum of intelligence to reach such a position, so I assume that these leaders are fully aware of their own deceptions and blatant lies. Or could it be that after repeating the same non truths over and over, they actually begin to believe that they speak truthfully.

It is clear that the human mind is an awesomely mysterious organ, but I cannot bring myself to buy into such an idea. It is not possible to deceive oneself so thoroughly. No, I feel confident that our leaders are acutely aware of what they are doing! They have managed, by means of a spectacular and fiery fault of providence, to put a political stranglehold on America, and a military harness around the globe. Of course, in light of the fact that the traditional American press has been vacant, failing to probe and quest for pertinent answers to the questions of war, poverty, and all the other social ills that would be so easily remedied by a truly united people imbued with common cause. Instead, millions of Americans have become complacent and apathetic, highly medicated and distracted by a broad range of substances and materialism, while the men and women at the pinnacle of power are practically immune to critical attention. Our leaders have become secure in their power and arrogance, their actions driven by self aggrandizement and personal enrichment. However, it appears that time is no longer their ally. Enough conscientious people have become weary of the selfish and obscene behavior which is bringing the Earth and her peoples closer and closer to a general collapse of civility and civilization. If enough of us act now, without further delay, there is a chance that we can turn the ship of state back onto a prudent course. You representatives of the people must instigate major changes and foster the positive movement along with us, your partners and fellow stewards. Please do what you must do to recreate the best of what was once known proudly as America.


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